Washer Extractors

Tumble Dryers

Technical Specifications:

  • The inner and outer drum and the door are made of stainless steel. The outer covering is made of powder coated DKP steel sheet.
  • The frame is made of anti rust painted profile. The anti rust painted sheet legs ensure the fixation of the machine to the floor, as well as the removal without the need for a forklift and pallet truck and an attachment. Besides, there are eye bolts on the upper part for carrying.
  • There is an air leak prevention, custom-made gasket in the glazed inspection cover which is made by a pressing machine.
  • It’s ensured that the machine doesn’t work when its door is open, due to the door locking system.
  • The machine is controlled by an electronic digital display mounted on the front control panel. There are 4 fixed, as well as 6 adjustable programs on the machine. The front panel also has an emergency stop button for use in emergencies.
  • By the body insulation, the prevention of heat losses is ensured.
  • For expelling moist air produced during the drying, there is 1 fan and an easy cleaning special particle filter.
  • There is a “cool down” cooling system which prevents wrinkling, hardening and heat shock.
  • Thanks to the double direction rotation feature of the drum, it is ensured that the laundry dry in a shorter time.
  • The rear section of the machine is completely covered by a safety curtain.


  • Machine cycles could be adjusted by the speed control device.
  • Cable section is indicated at the minimum ratio. It must be increased by the cable length.
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