Washer Extractors

Washer Extractors

Technical Specifications:

  • The inner and outer drum, glazed inspection cover and outer cover panels, are made of AISI 304 Quality 18/8 CR-NI stainless steel.
  • The frame is made of anti rust painted profile. The anti rust painted sheet legs ensure the fixation of the machine to the floor, as well as the removal without the need for a forklift and pallet truck and an attachment. Besides, there are eye bolts on the upper part for carrying.
  • There is a leak prevention, custom-made gasket in the machine door. Further, it’s ensured that the machine doesn’t work when its door is open, and the door of a working machine won’t open due to the door locking system.
  • It provides minimum vibration and balance, thanks to the improved spring, damper and pulley system.
  • There is a safety system which makes the machine stop automatically, for the purpose of preventing damage because of a vibration that could occur, arising from an unforeseen cause during operation.
  • The 3-compartment detergent drawer is made of a special rustproof and dirt-resistant plexiglass acrylic material.
  • The machine is controlled by an electronic digital display mounted on the front control panel. Although there are 25 fixed programs on the machine, it provides unlimited optional programs and electricity, water and time saving.
  • Failure reporting is displayed on the digital display.
  • The front panel has an emergency stop button for use in an emergency.
  • Machine cycles could be adjusted by the speed control device.
  • The water level switch consisting of 2 levels, ensures that the machine automatically takes water at the level of the set program.
  • The machine shaft is manufactured from corrosion resistant bush, and it has a sealing feature due to viton rubber felt


  • The outer panels can be made of powder coated DKP steel sheet.
  • Cable section is indicated at the minimum ratio. It must be increased by the cable length.
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