Washer Extractors

Flatwork Ironing Machines

Technical Specifications:

  • The cylinder which has a heating feature by means of a resistance inside it, is covered with corrosion resisting stainless steel sheet, and the lower tray is made of stainless steel material.
  • The outer coverings are made of powder coated DKP steel sheet.
  • The anti rust painted sheet legs ensure the firmly fixation of the machine to the floor, as well as its easy replacement.
  • The belts are made of heat and abrasion resistant, nonflammable nomex felt material.
  • The speed can be adjusted.
  • Thanks to the hand protection safety system, the user is protected from potential accidents during placing laundry in the machine for ironing, as the machine stops automatically.
  • There is a manual operating lever to remove laundry from the machine during power cuts.
  • It’s ensured that the machine doesn’t work when its covers are open, due to the locking system.
  • It has an operating system that puts a silent and easy use forward.
  • Cable section is indicated at the minimum ratio. It must be increased by the length of cable section.
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