Pressing Ironers

Pressing Ironers

Pressing Ironers (ÖPÜM 0021)

Technical Specifications:

  • The body structure is manufactured from DKP sheet material and coated with electrostatic powder paint.
  • The ergonomic design makes the replacement and installation of the machine easy.
  • The machine is controlled by the controller mounted on the front panel. (There is a manually operated steam valve and lever, which ensures steam injection from the upper pad.)
  • The upper ironing jaw is manufactured from aluminum casting, the lower pad jaw tops are covered with perforated stainless sheet.
  • The press can be adjusted.
  • There are foot control pedals for (un)locking the lower pad of the upper jaw and raising steam.

Technicial Specifications

Pumping Power0,75 kW
Heating Power20 kW
Vapor Pressure4 bar
Steam Capacity24 kg/h
Width1450 mm
Depth1350 mm
Height1450 mm
Weight380 kg
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